Demand gradually picking up since New Year\x26#39;s Day

摘要: Demand gradually picking up since New Year\x26#39;s Day.

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New Years Day has just passed, and the busy season expected by cotton enterprises has not come. However, some enterprises in Hubei and Henan have purchased new cotton for annual stock. Recently, the demand of "double-28" and "double-29" machine-harvested cotton is strong, and most enterprises tend to pick up goods from the warehouses around the province. 


The demand for new cotton has gradually increased with the consumption of the stock of the cotton reserves of textile enterprises. Many cotton enterprises in Xinjiang adjust their ideas and make concessions in price: first, it is low-quality and low-price; second, it is the lower price for large amount; third, there is discount for the mixed purchase of high grade and low grade cotton. A factory in Northern Xinjiang recently sold nearly 10 batches of cotton at a price of 15600 Yuan/ ton, which was basically sold with the combination of high grade and low grade cotton together. 


At present, some textile enterprises with the production capacity of 20000-30000 mainly purchase the local cotton in the province, and the purchase price of 1228-grade lint cotton is 14000-14100 Yuan/ton, and the price difference with that of Xinjiang cotton is between 1000-1500 Yuan/ton. Recently, the price of C32S cotton yarn has been decreased by 300 to 400 Yuan/ton than the previous period, and the downstream payment cycle has been extended from half month to about a month, and these cotton enterprises still consider that the price of Xinjiang cotton will continue not to fall. However, with the gradual decrease of the local cotton in the province, part of the textile enterprises will also consider the purchase of small amount of grade-1228 and grade-2228 Xinjiang cotton. 

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